Professional Speaking

As founder and president of ICEBOX Music, Rick Levine is known as an entrepreneur in the music industry, a
successful and passionate musician recognized for his unique insight as a songwriter. Never one to sit still for long, Rick is also a coach and mentor to aspiring performers, former radio DJ and Promotions Director for WHTG AM/FM on the Jersey shore, a Canadian internet broadcasting pioneer with Virtually, a music publisher, special events producer, experiential educator, husband and hockey dad.

After hundreds of performances and thousands of albums sold since 1998 with his band, Fridge Magnets, Rick also channels his passion into ICEBOX Music’s “Music Entrepreneurship” seminar series showing indie musicians where the money can be made in today’s music climate and how to work towards a successful music career.

As well, in his groundbreaking keynote and workshop presentations, Rick uses his insight to reveal how the motivational forces behind musicians, their perseverance, drive and determination, move people beyond personal limitations to increase personal and professional fulfillment. Drawing on his original tunes as well as familiar songs, Levine creates the same intimacy he cultivates in his live music performances, using his role as storyteller/teacher to incredible effect. A dynamic motivational and personal achievement speaker, Levine not only looks at the BIG picture, but also at the individual tasks and risks involved in overcoming challenges and achieving success.

Music Entrepreneurship

How To Make Money With Your Music

Rick’s experiential talks and musical performances incorporate his distinct perceptions from the music business, as an entrepreneur and as a performer. His unforgettable presentations focus on the building blocks of more successful and satisfying personal and professional experiences. By sharing his intimate examples of both disappointment and achievement, Rick gives his audiences the tools to embrace “moving forward” in life. At the conclusion, everyone will undoubtedly leave the program singing!

Rick’s topics include:

  1. Reinvent Yourself: It’s never too late to be what you might have been!
  2. Calling Your Own Bluff: Building conviction to take that risk
  3. Running on Empty: Self-motivation at its finest
  4. Communication Breakdown: Say what you mean to say or accept less than what you want
  5. It’s Not Personal: Handling criticism and rejection without taking it personally
  6. It’s Not Me, It’s YOU: Coping with people who don’t appreciate you
  7. Change, Nothing Stays The Same: How to flourish with and accept change
  8. Inspiring Confidence: Leadership and team building
  9. No One Succeeds On Their Own: Network building is an essential part of success
  10. How Are You Like the Golden Arches? Personal branding and the qualities you are known for.

For more information and bookings, contact Rick Levine: or 416-845-3955.