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You have questions.

We have answers.

If you are an independent musician, then you are desperate to know where the money is being made in the music industry, and specifically how to make a living at doing what you love: MAKING MUSIC!

You will do almost anything, even sell your rights to your music (which you should never do!) to have a career music.

The most common questions in the music industry are sometimes the most basic but the most misunderstood. And if you don’t know the answer to these questions, you may not be collecting all the royalties that are rightfully yours. Questions like:

· How are royalties earned?

· Do you need to register your copyright?

· Do you need a business plan?

· How does music get placed in media?

· What is the role of music publishers?

· Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

our Value Proposition.

ICEBOX Music introduces Music Business Literacy seminars to musicians and artists looking for affordable resources, credible advice and direction on how to move forward with your music career.

ICEBOX Music offers educational seminars that offer you practical advice and concrete steps on navigating the music industry.

The resource ICEBOX Music offers you forms the motivation to make musicians more knowledgeable and self-sufficient by providing a place to develop your music business knowledge.

Each music business seminar will consist of 10 participants and focus on music career topics that will move your career forwards. There will also be focus on current trends to keep your knowledge up to date in the rapidly evolving music landscape.

A full class seminar would include up to 10 participants at $10 per person. Dates for Signups will be posted on the ICEBOX

Take the opportunity to invest in your career and invest in yourself.


Classes of up to 10 people


Thought provoking sessions for better understanding of music business


A large collection of knowledge and resources from you to learn from