1 on 1

Too many people in a class? 1 on 1 brings you the privacy and focus you need.



Bringing 1 on 1 music seminars to where you are is the key to successful learning. This provides a framework where you will receive valuable knowledge through 1 on 1 attention and makes attendance urgent.  Being able to address and understand issues is crucial to providing information that is important to musicians at that moment.  Having a diversity of topics laid out in an 1 on 1 fashion allows for concentrated time over the course of a session and allows for continuity of information of seminar. Consistency will be the hallmark of the seminars. 

PErsonalized Classes

Making the class work around you and you alone

live Chats

Contact on Zoom or by phone for any questions outside of a class


Advice given to you by a music industry expert


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