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1 on 1

Too many people in a class? 1 on 1 brings you the privacy and focus you need.

Personalized Learning.

when you need it most.

Bringing 1 on 1 music seminars to where you are is the key to successful learning. This provides a framework where you will receive valuable knowledge through 1 on 1 attention and makes attendance urgent. 

Being able to address and understand issues is crucial to providing information that is important to musicians at that moment. Having a diversity of topics laid out in a 1 on 1 fashion allows for concentrated time over the course of a session and allows for continuity of information of seminar. Consistency will be the hallmark of the seminars.

One-on-one concentrated sessions would delve more deeply into career topics at $25 for per hour. All sessions are made by appointment. All payments to be rendered by e-transfer.

Personalized Classes

Making the class work around you and you alone

live Chats

Contact on Zoom or by phone for any questions outside of a class


Advice given to you by a music industry expert